Homeopathy recognized on Stage!

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Betsy congratulates Varun on opening night, while his proud mother looks on.

Varun Mahajan, software engineer, husband and father has expanded his repertoire of accomplishments to include playwright, choreographer, dancer and actor as he debuted in his dance foundation’s production “Living in America” February 27 and 28 at the Charity Randall Theatre in Pittsburgh. It was a weekend of celebration for the Mahajan family, for the Homeopathic practitioner Betsy Reiling MH CCH, and the profession of Homeopathy.

The show, “Living in America” captures the emotional journey of an immigrant reinventing himself to fit into the new place he calls home. Through its original dialogue, story, and music, the story reflects Mr. Mahajan’s own experiences, including his healing with homeopathy. In the play, the main character shows resistance to Homeopathic treatment, mocking the effects of what he calls “sugar pills”. His

Living in America performance

emotional suffering was so great however, that he is willing to try it. In time, true healing comes. In the show, the hero and his wife show their deep gratitude for the mystical and transformative healing that came from the homeopathic care with Betsy Reiling.

“I am deeply touched by the gratitude and acknowledgement,” Betsy Reiling said. “People are often unaware of just how transformative homeopathic treatment can be. On stage and in real life, Varun Mahajan is celebrating a new life. The best of Classical Homeopathic Care yields a person free to fulfill their destiny. Varun was born to perform. It was pure joy to watch him on stage.”

Betsy congratulates Sonia

“Healing is never an isolated effect, Betsy explains. It always extends to one’s work, family, community and beyond. In Varun’s case, one person’s healing has inspired hundreds to dance! Varun, his lovely wife Sonia, and two precious children Jasmine and Jay run a school of Indian dance. For more information about their school, foundation, and future performances, go to:


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Learn more about my Homeopathy Practice

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Homeopathy and Sunblindness

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Ever spent a day of play in blinding snow without your sun glasses?   It happened to me once as a teen after a day on the slopes, and I still can remember the pain…

Sunblindness, as it is known, is an actual burn of the cornea by ultraviolet rays.  The condition usually occurs at high altitudes on highly reflective snow but it can also occur with solar eclipses, tanning beds, welder’s arc, and specialty flood lamps.

As with most problems in life, it is best to be smart and protect yourself appropriately to prevent the problem.  Even the snow man knows what to do.

The symptoms typically do not occur for 6-12 hours after the exposure so by the time the pain comes to alarm you it is too late.  As a teen, I can still remember hiding in a dark room with a blow out headache for a day or so.  Though extremely painful, this condition is generally self limiting.  A few doses of the homeopathic remedy Hypericum 30c can speed up the healing and reduce the time that you need to hover in the dark room.

And hopefully, you will be smart enough never to need it again.

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What is homeopathy?

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According to the American Medical College of Homeopathy, homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that is holistic, scientifically based, safe to use, inexpensive and curative of chronic disease.

Remedy for apres shoveling

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Back sore from shoveling? If you live in the Northeast, Texas, or anyone else who has been busy digging out of their homes from feet of snow, I have a recommendation.

Most everyone that knows of Homeopathy is familiar with Arnica Montana. It is a homeopathic remedy widely available for acute physical trauma. After an accident or sudden extreme strain or injury, it will stop pain, swelling, and internal bleeding. Have it handy, for when you need it, nothing beats it.

Shoveling, however, calls for Arnica’s first cousin. In the same compositae family, Bellis Perennis, a cheerful and enduring daisy, helps ease the strain of long and enduring labor. It has been known as a gardener’s friend. This winter, I would bet that anyone who has a driveway they have been shoveling would benefit from a dose. Feel free to email me if you are unable to find it. betsy@betsyreilingwellness.com.

This from Dorothy Shepard’s A Physician’s Posy – a homeopathic classic written over a century ago:
“Have you noticed how often you see old men hobbling along country lanes? They have been stooping over garden beds or in the fields, hoeing and weeding, sowing and planting, all through their lives. As a result of their labours, the prolonged bruising of their muscles, overuse of their spinal muscles, along with imbibing cold drinks when hot, they are bent almost double. give Bellis Perennis in the early stages to these gardeners and farm labourers, and you would save many a poor old chap from such crippling rheumatism and stiffness of back, spondylitis, slipped disc and the rest.”

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Happy and Healthy New Years Kraut Recipe

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Fermented vegetables are surprisingly easy, economical and extremely rich in vitamins and live enzymes – guaranteed to energize and enliven. Here is the base for my favorite recipe:

Happy and Healthy New Years Kraut

Basic recipe:
2 heads of organic cabbage
1 pound organic carrots
2 lemons, juiced
1 tablespoon Celtic Sea Salt

Sweet and Spicy Version:
3 cloves of garlic
1 organic apple
fresh ginger root, grated

Garden Fresh Version:
Add a handful of fresh dill

Grate all vegetables with a food processor. Mix in the remaining ingredients and let stand for 15 minutes allowing time for the juices of the vegetables to begin to flow. Mix vigorously with your hands until a handful of the mixture has enough moisture in it that it squeezes like a wet sponge.

Pack the shredded vegetables into a ceramic or glass crock, packing the vegetables tightly. The simple key to successful fermentation is to make sure your vegetables are completely submerged in liquid. If needed, add a small amount of spring water to mix.

Next place a large cabbage leaf on the top of the mixture as a cover.

Allow your vegetables to culture for 3-4 days in temperatures between 70-78 degrees before refrigerating. Ripe fermentation should be brightly colored, and delicious. These winter delights will keep your digestion in good order, help you to lose weight, boast your immune system and in all ways help you to have a healthy 2010.

Wishing you well…


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Welcome to Betsy’s Blog! I am Betsy Reiling. I have practiced homeopathy for over 20 years and I hope that through this blog I can reach more people around the globe.

My blog will focus on teaching common practical uses of homeopathy for first aid to philosophical explorations — applying the principles of homeopathy to develop non-toxic solutions to problems in your home and around the globe.

I would love to hear your questions about homeopathy.