What’s it for?

This all-natural formula is designed to protect and strengthen plants homeopathically, reducing the risk of costly fungal and mold growth and easing the traumatic effect of transplanting, harvesting, pruning and harsh weather.

What is it?

It is homeopathic solution that is highly dilute, non-toxic, and with no known ill effects on animals or the environment. Rather than working at the chemical level like most fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides which can contaminate the earth as well as the plant, PlantEase stimulates a bioenergetic activation within the plant itself to bring balance and natural resistance. It is like a good parent, teaching their child how to navigate in the world. Homeopathy works on plants in the same holistic way that it works on people. Read more here.

* Keeps costly produce and cut flowers fresh longer
* Protects and strengthens seedlings from wilt and root rot
* Strengthens plants after transplanting, pruning, or harsh weather

Keeps costly produce and cut flowers fresh longer

Everyone knows daisy’s stay fresh longer. Ever wonder how? A few mists of PlantEase on cut flowers will homeopathically teach your flowers the magic that daisy’s use to keep themselves so cheerful.

By spraying on the fresh cut stems, it works synergistically with the plant to help the plant to naturally seal itself off from pathogenic invasion and reduce loss of valuable fluids. See the results for yourself. Two bouquets of daffodils were purchased at a local farmers market. One was sprayed with PlantEase to keep it fresh. After five days, there is a noticeable difference.

Without PlantEase With PlantEase

PlantEase brings the same magic to produce. As soon as you pick or purchase your veggies, one spray is enough to boast their vitality keeping their life force vibrant. This is good for both your pocket book and your family.

Protects and strengthens seedlings from wilt and root rot

Transplanting seedlings is a particularly vulnerable time in your garden. They’re like babies, needing protection from the harsh environment, toxins, and pathogens. PlantEase has many of the same ingredients, including chamomillia, that homeopaths have been using for centuries with success on babies. Just as babies are prone to diaper rash and thrush, so are your “green” babies. PlantEase creates a healthy environment for your seedlings which minimizes the growth of mold and fungus, enabling your plants the chance to establish a healthy root system. Every mom knows that a good home will go far in helping their little ones grow to be all they can be.

At the time of planting, simply add a few sprays of Plant ease to each seedling and its roots. If environmental conditions are especially difficult spray daily for up to five days.

Strengthens plants after transplanting, pruning, or harsh weather.

Spring planting is always uncertain. Cold nights, sunny days, harsh storms all can be traumatic on your new seedlings. Transplanting itself is traumatic. A spray of PlantEase energetically “teaches” the transplant to better cope and recover from such traumas.

While pruning a plant may be a necessary act from a gardeners perspective, to a plant, it is like having your arm cut off — risking loss of fluid, vitality and putting the plant at risk of invasion by pathogens.

By spraying a plant at the site and at the time of pruning, you help to protect the plant from loss and invasion, enabling it to keep its vital strength for growth, and productivity.

Love your garden and your garden will return your love!

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How I got started:

In 1990, when I was just beginning my studies in Homeopathy, I found my mother masked and ready to spray the Yew bushes in the front yard of the family home in Pittsburgh. Horrified that she might be using dangerous chemicals I shouted, “stop!”
Sure enough, the label had multiple health warnings and words that no one could pronounce.

My mother agreed that she hated “this dirty task”, but she insisted that the experts at the nursery said this was the only hope for the bushes. “Every year, they get covered in these little white bugs and every year I have to spray,” my mother explained.

As an eager student and protective daughter, I challenged my mother to let me help the Yew bushes. I treated them homeopathically and within a week there were no more little white bugs — no evidence of die off, they just seemed to go away.

Understanding homeopathy, I was not surprised. It works like this with humans as well. When a child suffering from an ear infection is treated homeopathically, the bacteria in the ear canal is not being killed with antibiotics. Rather, the child’s innate healing potential is activated. As the child’s vitality strengthens, the bacteria, like the little white bugs, seem to disappear.

I also understood that these energetic medicines were highly dilute, and thus non-toxic — sparing the bushes, the environment, and most importantly, my mother from exposure to toxic chemicals. I was very pleased.

I continued on with my pursuits in homeopathy, eventually becoming a practitioner and professor of this fine art.

Eighteen years later, over a cup of tea, long after I had forgotten our Yew experiment, my mother said: “I think those bushes might need another dose.”
“What?” I asked, confused.
“Remember the little white bugs….” she said pointing to the Yews. “A few have returned.”
Eighteen years later!
Bug free. Pesticide free. Free of “that dirty task”. The Yew shrubs, despite merciless pruning, continue to thrive.

In awe of the potential, for the past three years I have been applying my knowledge of homeopathy to solve a variety of plant problems from rust on roses to tree fungi to keeping expensive organic produce fresh. The possibilities are astounding.

As a visionary I am excited to bring this innovative system to fields and vineyards, to forests, farmer’s markets and your backyard!

Please join the adventure!