I have been under Betsy’s care for ten years now.

I initially came to her with chronic sinus infections. I had tried several things including homeopathy, diet restrictions and yoga with an emphasis on breathing techniques without success. Unfortunately, I needed long term antibiotic treatment. The infections returned.

I believe that Betsy’s extensive study with the highly respected homeopath Sankaran helped her to find the right remedy for me. I have the utmost respect for her dedication to his teachings. Homeopathy is only effective with the right remedy. I never suffered from a sinus infection again.

My daughter at age three contracted whooping cough. After six weeks, the whoop was gone, but she suffered from asthma-like symptoms upon physical exertion. Betsy found her needed remedy. Within a day, my daughter could run again without wheezing. The doctors had already prescribed asthma medications but thankfully we waited for the remedy to heal her.

Now my daughter is 10 and she has missed only a few days of school in seven years. I truly believe that the whooping cough and homeopathy strengthened her immune system.

As a child and into adulthood, I have suffered from anxiety attacks. My parents felt helpless. They ignored the problem. Homeopathy can help children and adults with emotional problems.

My remedy prescribed by Betsy has allowed me to move forward with my life despite the anxiety. I don’t feel stuck.

Betsy often uses this phrase. I am to call her when I feel stuck with a physical or mental problem. I believe that Homeopathy is not always meant to make our problems disappear.

Jennifer G
Pharmacist in Germany


“Wow! I am totally impressed with Betsy’s energy, style and mode of delivery. She exudes compassion — for her patients and for all of life. She makes homeopathy accessible in a way that has alluded me all these years (of studying). I am finally putting the magic and the method together so that I feel like I will be able to treat others effectively. Being her student has made me a better person and a better homeopath.”

Aaron from Tuscon, Arizon
Student at the American Medical College of Homeoapthy


“I went to Betsy for help with a fungus condition.

I did not believe in Homeopathy, but Betsy was highly recommended. To heal my condition with traditional medicine would have required taking a medication that has strong warnings regarding liver dysfunction and could take at least a year to work. I made a decision that medication was not worth the risk.

I found talking with Betsy to be amazingly easy. Eventually, I talked to her about what I felt most deeply about, with the original condition seeming like an apostrophe to a layered and vastly more interesting enterprise. At the end of the first session she gave me a remedy. I did not think that it would have any effect, but I was grateful for the appointment, grateful for her presence. She is compassionate without being enabling. She is a consummate professional. She is, based on the results of her remedy, carefully listening and highly skilled in her craft.

I couldn’t have been more wrong about my negative expectations! I have experienced an expansion and renewal in almost every aspect of my life. Physically, my blood pressure has lowered any my fungus is clearing up. Spiritually, mentally and concretely, I have moved into areas of doing and thinking that only my dreams were pointing to.

I recommend Betsy Reiling without qualification. Her remedies heal at every level of your being. It is a ride truly worth taking.”

Nellita Link


“I am the president of the American Medical College of Homeopathy and a Board Certified Homeopathic Physician practicing in the state of Arizona. I have known Betsy for 10 years and have worked with her extensively as a professional colleague, co-faculty and supervisor.

I can recommend her most highly and without reservation. I have found her to be of very high moral character, ethics, and sensitivity. She has been a great pleasure to work with over the years. Her quiet, skillful leadership has been crucial in the development of new programs. She has been beloved by the students she teaches and her colleagues alike. She has a great capacity for heart and brings a deep sense of caring and wisdom to all that she does.”

Todd Rowe MD, MD(H), CCH, DHt
President, American Medical College of Homeopathy


I have been utilizing homeopathic treatment since 2002. At that time I was taking nine prescriptions for various ailments – hypo-thyroid, hyper-tension, psoriasis, chronic joint pain, and chronic sinus problems. I also had high ocular pressure, although glaucoma tests were negative, and I had several blood tests that were “slightly irregular.” Although I discovered homeopathy while looking for something to cure psoriasis, I learned that by treating the whole person, our bodies will heal themselves, and that a remedy can facilitate that in each of us. By 2005 I was only taking one prescription (for thyroid) and it was ½ the strength that I had been taking. My ocular pressure and the “slightly irregular” blood tests were normal within 5 months of the initial interview. However, I was still having issues with psoriasis and the joints in my fingers and toes were beginning to look arthritic and were very painful.

Homeopaths are taught that they should not treat themselves or close friends and family because they cannot be objective and the client can’t be as open. My homeopath and I decided that was the case with us. We are close friends, and we simply couldn’t seem to get to the root of the problem. One evening I was exploring information on the Internet about psoriasis and found Betsy’s web page. I called that evening and left a message and she returned my call the next morning. As soon as I talked with her I knew she was the person I needed to see.

I had my first appointment with Betsy in August 2005. I found her incredibly easy to talk with, and right away began telling her things that I couldn’t be open about with my friend. She knew by the end of that interview what remedy I needed, and I noticed its effects as soon as I began taking it.

Over the years my skin cleared completely and my joints went back to “normal.” I had broken skin on my arms, legs and abdomen, and all my clothes and bedclothes had blood on them. Today there is no sign of that at all. People who saw my skin before are amazed. In 3 years I haven’t had any recurrence. My scalp is healthy, my hair is thicker than I can remember it ever being, my nails are healthy; I am taking no prescription drugs and very seldom even over the counter ones. I frequently get compliments on my complexion. What a joy- I have had skin problems since I was a teenager and at 56 I am getting compliments on my complexion!

I am totally a believer in homeopathic treatment. My daughter has been successfully treated for what seemed to be rheumatoid arthritis, and had a very quick and dramatic recovery from a very bad case of mononucleosis after taking a homeopathic remedy.

Betsy’s office is approximately an hour and 45 minute drive for me and I consider it time well spent. The office is a warm, inviting environment, and is a reflection of Betsy herself. She is very caring and knowledgeable and I have enjoyed the healing and growth that I’ve experienced under her care. I highly recommend her!

Sharon Welsch
Glen Dale, WV


Betsy sees into the soul. I felt deeply understood and received. I found her to be calming and compassionate. I have since gained profound respect for homeopathy and for Betsy as a superb healer.

Mark Wolynn
Therapist and Teacher

I went to Betsy with my seasonal bout of bronchitis. I kicked it without conventional drugs and since have had more energy than I have had in years. In addition, I am a professional singer and since Betsy’s treatment I have that the quality of my voice and ability to perform has improved markedly.
I would recommend Betsy to anyone. While the consultation was quite in-depth, she is so calming and welcoming that it wasn’t the least bit awkward. I felt safe and accepted.

New Jersey


“Betsy is very insightful and gifted. She treats practically my whole family and has an outstanding success ratio for reversing long term illness. Betsy devotes good amount of time and research in order to understand the background of any case. This not only enables her to understand the root cause of any illness but also gives an added personal touch to the patient. She can easily correlate any past incidence, past illnesses and state of mind to a disease that has manifested into the patient’s body. She is blessed with the knowledge and helping attitude that cures people.”

Varun Mahajan
Lead Oracle Database Administrator

Betsy Reiling has consistently been the most effective health-care professional that my daughter and I have worked with during the past five years. My daughter, now eight years old was “diagnosed” with multiple food allergies in infancy Not only was her diet very limited, but she was frequently sick with respiratory ailments. She had a terrible cough that was debilitating and would last for weeks. We had tried many kinds of doctors and therapies, unfortunately, she did not improve. With Betsy’s guidance and care, my daughter has overcome her allergies to the point that she can eat almost anything she wants. She is much stronger and healthier now. This healing process has not been a quick fix. It has taken time, consistent attention to detail and patience – all of which Betsy has provided consistently.

Betsy Reiling is an exceptional health care practitioner. She is warm, compassionate and always professional. She has a great rapport with both children and adults. Her intuitive skills allow her to go beyond the apparent conditions when treating the whole person. She has helped me not only with physical illnesses, but the emotional and psychological patterns which have also kept me from living a joyful and healthy life. I look forward to continuing my pursuit of good health with Betsy.

Cynthia Maddamma
Speech Therapist

With my second pregnancy I was devastated with morning sickness. I had a new home to prepare, a two year old running around and I could not get off the couch for most of the day. Betsy’s remedies helped me over night. I was able to enjoy my pregnancy, my child, and my new home. My husband and I could not be more pleased!

Allison Park, Pennsylvania